Turning 50!

What was it like to turn 50? Approaching my birthday recently, I had a few thought about being half a century old. Some gentle ponderings and a little reflection led me to the conclusion of acceptance. It’s just a number after all, we can’t halt the aging process and shouldn’t worry about it. I wasn’t […]

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Slow cooker vegan stew

I used to think that only elderly ladies and strange people used slow cookers! Until one day about a year ago, when I was struggling to manage work commitments, feeding my family the healthy wholefood diet they had become used to and staying sane. So whilst reading an article in a magazine (in the bath) […]

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Organic Deli Cafe Oxford

While planning a visit to Oxford this week to see our youngest daughter, we challenged her to find a lunch venue that would suit us all, and our many dietary prefereces. Never an easy task! We had a… Dairy free meat reducer, dairy free vegetarian and a Gluten reducing vegan. She emailed us a link […]

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