Turning 50!

What was it like to turn 50?

Approaching my birthday recently, I had a few thought about being half a century old.

Some gentle ponderings and a little reflection led me to the conclusion of acceptance. It’s just a number after all, we can’t halt the aging process and shouldn’t worry about it. I wasn’t actually feeling any different so what changes would there be?

Even so, I kept the date out of my mind, told my family not to bother about it. I didn’t want gifts and cards etc. as I’ve been trying hard to minimalize my consumption, have less “stuff” and lead a slightly simpler life. plus I’ve never been one for dramatic birthdays, always prefering to spend the day quietly.

A good friend invited me to have Brekki in town with her to celebrate. This felt like a safe way to mark the occasion without any fussing. She’s approaching the same milestone in a couple of months so would be the best person to spend some with.

We had a delightful morning at a vegan café in Bath. Feasting on organic porridge topped with coconut yoghurt, apple slices and cinnamon, sipping mint tea.

After a quiet walk around the city, I returned home for a lovely lunch with my husband, a delivery of beautiful flowers from our daughters, some plants for the garden from my mother and a peaceful afternoon.

In the end, I couldn’t let the day pass without a token of decadence, a raw vegan banoffee cake was exactly right for the occasion and tasted like heaven.

So, how to I feel a day after my huge birthday milestone? Fine and perfectly happy, actually I feel as if I’m now old enough to call myself a grown up now…