Santa’s First Vegan Christmas

Santa’s First Vegan Christmas is an enchanting story written by Robin Raven.

When Santa began his search to recruit new young reindeer to pull his sleigh, he wasn’t expecting the events that followed.

A bright young calf called Dana, was born with a conscience way beyond most reindeers capabilities, and a will to match.

When Santa tried to recruit Dana as a sleigh puller, he was shocked and supprised when she refused to co-operate.

It takes a while before Santa can undertand where Dana is coming from, but eventually Santa begins to get the message. You see, animals don’t want to be born to serve people. And the story of Father Christmas has always depicted animals doing so as the social norm.

Once Santa sees the error of his ways, he opens his mind and heart. All animals are set free, and he learns a better way to deliver Christmas.

This story, with beautiful illustrations by Kara Maria Schunk is a delightful bedtime book that would appeal to any family, vegan or non vegan. The message is subtle, without any hard core activism needed, encouraging young children to respect all living things.