Why does my baby wake in the night?

A relatively new mum asked me this morning “why does my baby wake during the night even when she isn’t hungry?” It’s simple really, the baby doesn’t know she is supposed to sleep in her own cot all night. She actually has no idea it’s supposed to happen this way. It’s obvious that she will […]

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Dairy Free?

With more and more people feeling the health benefit of a dairy free diet the “Free from” market is booming. Sadly though farm shops and garden centre cafes aren’t up to date on the free from menu, and often found to be lacking in choices. Recently, while visiting a garden centre and its large busy […]

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Baby Sleep Help

With so much conflicting information available, it’s no wonder parents feel confused and frustrated. Mel offers positive parenting support to help you to retrain your baby into a good sleeper. By listening to your baby sleep problem with a sympathetic ear we are able to offer reassurance and empathy. Mel can then put by sleep […]

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