Master Practitioner

Mel’s Reiki Journey:

When Reiki first touched my life, it was totally unexpected. I had been diagnosed with a cronic illness, and after a series of consultations with conventional medics, experts and professors I felt a little hopeless.

Each and everyone of them offered the same treatment options, none of which fitted with my way of living. Scary side effects with long term consequenses and the possibilty of developing further ilness just didn’t seem attractive.

I spent hours every evening researching websites, message boards, reading books and watching videos.

Eventually, it felt like I had a clearer picture and could choose a better path to follow. I began with nutrition healing, followed by acupuncture. I continued with both, feeling huge benefits from the dietary changes.

One day, whilst sitting at the doctors surgery waiting for a blood test, I picked up a magazine and read an article about Reiki. Something about this article just resonated within me. It just made complete sense, so without telling my family, I booked a session for the following day with a local Reiki Master.

My first experience was so powerful, not at all what I had expected. After the healing session was over, I walked home and felt very different, I could smell things I hadn’t smelled before, hear things I’d never heard. I can only describe it as a sort of “tuning in”. Although quite a long time passed before my actual Reiki attunements happened, this was the beginning of an awakening to the Universal Life Force Energy.

As time passed I got better, not only did my health improve, but the way I thought and the way I lived. I had realised that cronic illness can not just be a projection of physical health but also of emotional health. Basically I was thinking all wrong. Over the weeks and months that followed, I learned how to meditate, clear bad and negetive thoughts, open my chakras and open my heart. Reiki was changing my life.

I felt so strongly that I wanted to learn more about the healing powers of The Universal Life Force Energy. I decided to book onto a Reiki training course and proceeded to find a Reiki teacher. After speakimg to a few I felt a connection with one lady called Sharon. She was a Psychic Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Past Life Regression Practitioner, but mostly I just liked the sound of her voice on the phone. She invited me over and we discussed my jouney so far.

It’s quite a few years now since I completed Reiki 1 – First Degree. The experience was once again life changing. It helped me find an inner peace, albiet one that would need a mountain of hard work to develop. It was helped by following a twenty one self healing programme. I learned techniques for deeper meditaion, had my first attunements and my health continued to improve.

About seven months later I contacted Sharon again. The Reiki enegry had helped me to make so many positive changes to my life, I now wanted to practice Reiki and help others.

During Reiki 2 – Second Degree, I learned how to send distance healing to others, send healing to my past, to receive and use a Power Symbol and also received level 2 attumements. I was equipped to give healing to others. A year or so passed and I felt compelled to learn more. Booking onto a Reiki Master course felt right and I felt ready now.

So what does Reiki Master really mean?

It doesn’t mean I’m a Master of Reiki… It actually means I’ve promised to try and master it. There is so much to learn that one could spend their life trying to know all there is to know and never know all that Reiki has to teach.

It’s a huge part of my life now, and something I will always be grateful to have found.